Floral Skull Wrist Wraps

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100% cotton wrist wraps.

This is great for your lifts and keeping those wrists stable.

Wraps with Tie Cord- Basic cord to wrap on wrist
Wraps with Tie Cord + Thumb Loop- This is just a request I get to make it easier to initially get on
Wraps with Velcro- This will be the wrap picture above with velcro to keep on wrist including a thumb hole loop to get on.

I have now added an inner layer to make these the most durable yet! My other wraps are great, if you sweat or plan on using these every time you workout and lift...these provide the best stability.

These wraps are roughly 2.7" wide. Just perfect.
These are pre-washed so they won't shrink!

If you are squatting, pressing, and lifting some heavy weights... You want these!

Start by placing end of wrist wrap on wrist and hold tightly to wrap the rest around the wrist. Tuck strap around tightly and twist to tighten.