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Email Fitstitchgear@gmail with photo/s 

A clear, centered photo of pet is best. If you have a photo with both animals great! If not, I can stack two photos of animals together to have them alternate down the wrist wrap as well. 

It is listed as one because that’s the minimum, I print fabric on a yard sheet so I can get two from the fabric. So to utilize it all I’m making the second pair cheaper! :) 


Quick Sew: Folded in half and sewn (lighter weight feeling) 

Standard wraps: durable, thicker from inner stabilizer to make the wraps last a looooong time (if taken care of)

Add thunb loop ( sometimes just easier to get wraps on, tuck under to move from lifting/movements) 

Velcro- to prevent any movement of wraps during lifting or movements.